The Digital Rhetoric in Practice

Work by UMASS Digital Art Alumni

Jazzy Frank

Class of 2020, BFA –

Campaigns are promotions or events that take place across the company. They have a presence in digital, social media, print, and in-club. Campaigns should feel cohesive across all mediums they are shown. Existing designs are evolved to work digitally on the site. User experiences are the pages that our members see as they shop the site. Landing pages are exactly that, pages that members land on. These pages are meant to host compelling visuals to entice members as they shop, and get them clicking on different aspects of the page.

Bakery Landing Page, 2023, Digital

Holiday Seasonal Landing Page, 2023, Digital

Thanksgiving Seasonal Landing Page, 2023, Digital

Parties & Occasions Landing Page, 2023, Digital

Same-Day Delivery Promotion, 2022, Digital

WOW Days Event, 2023, Digital